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At Total Fitness Management, we are constantly getting sales reps and promotional calls from companies wanting us to try their products. From time to time we have, but we have always preferred and kept using Vitaco Products. Vitaco sources the majority of its ingredients from New Zealand or Australia Vitaco. It has Good Manufacturing Certification and has a range of tried and trusted brands that you may be familiar with or already tried before. We especially like their BALANCE PROTEIN POWDERS, which have great 100% Pure Options as well as a new range with Stevia as the Sweetener for those watching their carbohydrates.

A lot of you will be familiar with their largest Brand, NUTRA LIFE, which carries more of their specific products and is available in all good health stores around Australia and for your convenience TFM. We try to keep popular products in stock like certain protein powders, magnesium, fish oils and glucosamine to name a few.

Click on the LOGOS for each Brand Below, and their entire product range. Pay special attention to the NUTRA LIFE site, as it has a built in search bar which can help you find the right product for certain conditions etc. For example Arthritis – Weight Loss – Bone Health – Stress Management, to name a few.

Vitaco: Is the parent company for all of the brands below.
Vitaco’s mission is to empower healthier lives

We do this by developing, manufacturing and marketing world-class nutrition products under our market leading brands across Vitamins & Supplements, Sports Nutrition and Health Food.



Nutra-Life is our premium health and wellness supplement range. You can find Nutra-Life products in health food stores and pharmacies throughout New Zealand, and in health food stores in Australia.


Balance Sports Nutrition

Balance Sports Nutrition is our premium sports nutrition range. Used by elite athletes in several disciplines, Balance products include protein powders, bars, specialist sports foods and supplements that help people achieve their performance goals. Balance products are available in gyms, sports shops, health food stores and pharmacies throughout Australia and New Zealand.





Aussie Bodies

Aussie Bodies is a range of high-quality, great-tasting, protein-based sports nutrition including protein bars, powders, drinks and specialist sports foods. Aussie Bodies products are sold in supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms and healthfood stores throughout New Zealand and Australia.