What are our clients saying about us ?


Being overweight and suffering with knee ligament damage, I needed a fitness service that provided expertise in client care whilst still getting results. I have found that at TFM, with regular Strength/Muscle and Boxing/Fitness sessions and Richie’s guidance and knowledge, I have been provided with motivation to achieve improved health and weight loss.

Janine Papamichael

Strength, Muscle Conditioning and Boxing

Chris & Gail

We really enjoy the professional and personal attention we get from Richie. You know you are doing something right when both of our work colleagues say, you are really looking good what are you both doing?

Chris & Gail

Buddy P.T. & Strength Classes

Mike & Yvonne

Our Boxing Session with Richie early on Saturday mornings is our way of kick starting our weekend. Afterwards we feel refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to tackle whatever is planned for our weekends.

Mike & Yvonne

Strength & Boxing/Fitness Classes

Seniors Testimonials

Alan R

Recent Medical: Arthritis / Chronic Mobility Concerns

After attending TFM:
Increased Strength
Increased Balance and Energy Levels
Increased Self – Confidence

“Exercising with Richie at Total Fitness Management has improved my quality of life. At age 75 I started attending the gymnasium nine months ago and I was a physical  mess.

Because of ongoing arthritis and other problems I was not exercising. I could barely walk 200 meters without resting. I was regularly losing my balance and falling over.

With all of this in mind and with the approval of my local  doctor I discussed with Richie my situation. He suggested I join his classes of maximum six people and he would continuously monitor my progress.

I participate in the workouts three times each week. I have progressively regained my balance , strength and self-confidence. I have not fallen since beginning the program. I do sincerely recommend Richie personally as a wholly professional and well-experienced trainer. His equipment is all uptodate and  is maintained hygienically and mechanically. The use of the various pieces of equipment and following the exercise program have given me a new perspective and a much more mobile future.

Alan Rose

Age 75

Ruth R2

Recent Medical : Parkinson’s

After attending TFM:
Increased Bone Density
Increased Strength and Balance
Increased Mobility
Increased Energy Levels

I have been a member of big gyms in Cairns for over 20 years attending on average twice weekly. I mostly did classes but by my 65th year I was dreading going as the classes were too hard and not suited to my needs.
At this time I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and was finding a number of mobility problems. My skin care practitioner suggested Richie from Total Fitness Management. In this small class environment of 4 – 6 people Richie is able to suit the activity to the client.

I have gained in strength and balance. I enjoy the sessions and have made friends. The strength training that Richie provides using body weight, resistance bands, vibration training and more has allowed me to improve my bone density, much to the surprise of my GP.

Richie has a variety of classes and caters for all ages. What I like is that he welcomes older people. After all, all those gym junkies will get old and won’t always look so good in leotards!

Ruth Radford

Age 65

ValerieY 2

Health & Fitness Goals: Maintain Strength and Balance

After attending TFM:
Increase in Strength and Energy Levels
Maintaining Muscle Tone

“Since I began Strength / Resistance classes with Richie I have achieved  a level of wellbeing and fitness beyond my expectations.

As an ageing woman of eighty years I understand how important it is to maintain strength and balance. Richie has developed a sequence of exercises designed to offer results in these key areas, along with adding some muscle tone to my body. Each exercise has a regression or another option available if you find it to difficult for whatever reason.

I enjoy the classes finding them very well conducted, effective and invigorating. I strongly recommend these classes,which cater for all levels of  fitness and ages, and allows you to work at your own pace and individual goals.”

Valerie Yeulett

Age 83