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For clients convenience we have set up two different CLASS CATEGORIES for PURCHASING PASSES as well as an UNLIMITED PASS. All classes on our timetable are either  EXPRESS or PREMIUM CLASSES. Clients can attend any class that falls under the PASS they have either EXPRESS, PREMIUM or UNLIMITED. If you are new to TFM you can access get started easily here. NEW CLIENT INTRO PASSES

Express Classes

  • Strength Open 35mins
  • Strength Seniors 35mins
  • Muscle Conditioning 35mins
  • Stretching / Mobility 35mins

Premium Classes

  • Boxing / Fitness 50mins

Unlimited Passes 7 & 30 days.

  • Access all classes
  • Includes back to back classes

Cancellation Policy

To ensure the integrity of our online booking system and to be fair to all clients we have a 6 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Every class has a Waitlist option, you will be notified by SMS as well as Email if a spot becomes available. (ensure you have SMS notifications turned on for your account)

  • Strictly 6 hours for all classes or you lose your session
  • Unlimited pass clients will be charged a $5 late cancel fee which must be paid for before they can purchase again.

 Express Classes

Strength Senior

Our Seniors Strength Session is quite possibly our Flagship Class. This is where our Studio really started, it combines the technology of Whole Body Vibration Training, with simple body weight exercises and resistance bands. Clients can expect to be comfortable with the exercises in this group sessions very fast as we use simple yet effective compound exercises. As with all good exercise training programs, we work on the principle of progressive overload. For example we may start with a squat to a bench which is up high using just body weight. Progression may be adding a small weight via a plate or a weighted vest. From their we can look at going into a deeper squat.

Duration: 35 minutes.

Strength Open

Our Open Strength Session operates on the same principles – just we may at times move a little faster. We get a little more cardiovascular workout as well, using some circuits towards the end of the session to get the heart rate up, still without going away from the goal of the class to improve strength, as well as improvements in flexibility, core strength, balance and mobility.

The 35 min Express Sessions are designed in a way that clients can attend both if they cannot make the more preferred session, just check with your trainer to confirm this as an option. We may have to modify a few things for you. Attending regularly is more important than sessions selection here.

Duration: 35 minutes.

Strength Class 35 mins

Muscle Conditioning

Full body muscle conditioning workout. Usually involving a circuit ensuring to work opposing muscle groups for optimum use of the your energy, as well as improving posture and muscle balance. We use an interval timer so we can adjust the length of each station and rest periods.

Suitable for beginners to advanced as we allow you to go at your own pace. Increase metabolism, fitness and develop muscle tone and strength.

Duration: 35 minutes.

 Premium Classes

Premium Boxing

Boxing for fitness including Vibration Training offers all of the usual benefits of Boxing, like increased fitness, endurance, advanced fat loss, core strength and stress relief, along with the circulation and muscle stimulation that only vibration training can offer. We ensure you learn how to punch properly and maintain correct technique. Also includes battle ropes and muscle conditioning, using resistance bands and weighted vests. All our boxing & fitness sessions cater for beginners and experienced clients. We do this by carefully selecting the circuits and allowing for variety for those that have a problem with a certain exercise.
Nothing to bring! All equipment is provided, including gloves and inners.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Boxing / Fitness 50 mins

Total Fitness Management Provides