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 You must ensure you have a pass to reserve a place in any of our classes. We have visit passes as well as unlimited passes available to purchase here on our website or our mobile app.

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Cancellation Policy

To ensure the integrity of our online booking system and to be fair to all clients we have a 6 hour cancellation policy for all classes. Every class has a Waitlist option, you will be notified by SMS as well as Email if a spot becomes available. (ensure you have SMS notifications turned on for your account)

  • Strictly 6 hours for all classes or you lose your session
  • Unlimited pass clients will be automatically lose 1 day of their pass.

Strength 35min

Our Open Strength is the first class we offered at our studio after private training. Our exercise selection is designed so you get results after your first session. You will increase strength and muscle tone in your whole body using resistance bands, weighted vests, vibration platforms and your own body weight. You will learn how short simple workouts is all that is required for results with your exercise.

Technique and posture is monitored throughout ensuring you can continue to develop strength over the longer term. Includes some rope / cardio training to conclude the session.

Strength Senior 35min

Our Seniors Strength Session is quite possibly our Flagship Class. This is where our Studio really started, it combines the technology of Whole Body Vibration Training, with simple body weight exercises and resistance bands. Clients can expect to be comfortable with the exercises in this group sessions very fast as we use simple yet effective compound exercises. As with all good exercise training programs, we work on the principle of progressive overload. For example we may start with a squat to a bench which is up high using just body weight. Progression may be adding a small weight via a plate or a weighted vest. From their we can look at going into a deeper squat.

Cardio 35min 

A guided circuit of bodyweight only movements. Alternating between intense bursts of activity and fixed period of less intense activity/complete rest.
All movements have regression options, to allow continuous work with slightly lower intensity.
You not only burn a lot of calories during the workout, but because of the high intensity you will continue to burn calories as your body replaces energy and repairs muscle proteins damaged during exercise.

Strength Class Video 35 mins

Strength Circuit 35min

Full body resistance circuit, utilising the most number of exercises of any of our classes. You will work opposing muscle groups throughout to ensure good balance and posture with your muscles as well as burn up a large amount of calories. We use an interval timer so we can adjust the length of each station and rest periods. This class will get your heart rate up, is up tempo and will have music playing for added motivation.

Suitable for beginners to advanced as you can go at your own pace and progress when suitable. Increase metabolism, fitness and develop muscle tone and strength, includes core strength and vibration training in the circuit.

This class gets good feedback from a range of client saying they feel, great afterwards.

Stretching / Mobility 35min 

Designed for all levels of flexibility. We aim to have everyone feeling more mobile at the end of the session. As well as giving knowledge on how stretching regularly is easy and offers many benefits.
We use our vibration platforms to help accelerate your results, including a massage before stretching on the platform. Also used is a few different styles of resistance bands, before finishing with some floor work (which can be optional) and the areas you feel require the most stretching. 
The skills you will learn here will help you for mobility for life. 


Boxing for fitness including Vibration Training offers all of the usual benefits of Boxing, like increased fitness, endurance, advanced fat loss, core strength and stress relief, along with the circulation and muscle stimulation that vibration training provides. We ensure you learn how to punch properly and maintain correct technique throughout the session, specifically with time spent on the focus mitts with your trainer.. This session concludes with a muscle conditioning resistance circuit, including the use of battle ropes and resistance bands. This adds a little more muscle tone benefits as well as boosting of your metabolism.  Our boxing & fitness session cater for beginners right through to experienced clients, with each station having regression or progression options to suit. The circuit includes a core strength station each round as well.
Nothing to bring! All equipment is provided, including gloves and inners.

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